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Losing the firmness and vitality of youth is an unavoidable fact of aging, and not everyone is affected equally. Where once your lips were plump and full, volume loss and vertical lines appear, making your mouth seem old before its time. Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily and Dr. Robert Ruder of The Beverly Hills Advanced Facial Surgery Institute in Beverly Hills, California, use lip filler products to restore youthfulness to your lips. Call or click to make an appointment today.

Lip Fillers Q & A

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Why do lips lose volume with age?

The secret to lip fullness is collagen. This natural protein provides much of the support for healthy skin when you’re young. At some point in your 20s, it’s natural for collagen production to decline, typically at the rate of one to two percent loss annually.

Women generally produce less collagen than men, so the effects of collagen loss can seem more substantial for women. As collagen disappears, along with it goes the support base for elastin and hyaluronic acid. Elastin, as its name implies, helps the skin retain its shape and tightness, so both of these start to fade as collagen disappears. Hyaluronic acid attracts and stores moisture, another key to young looking skin. As this skin support tissue is lost, the appearance of your lips thins and fine lines start to appear.

How do lip fillers address tissue loss?

Aging lips typically have two issues: the loss of volume and the appearance of passive lines and wrinkles. It’s probably not hard to imagine how a product called lip filler works. Carefully injected into the lip area, fillers add substance and plumpness to lips. Fillers also provide support for the tiny crevasses that create vertical lines above and below your lips.

Lip fillers typically use a protein, such as hyaluronic acid among others, as a base for a gel that provides additional support for your outer skin layers. There are numerous lip filler products, each with its own properties. Some of these spread from the injection site and blend with surrounding tissue, while others tend to stay close to the point of application.

Your medical cosmetics expert at The Beverly Hills Advanced Facial Surgery Institute chooses the lip filler and injection points that suit your treatment goals. An injection of a hyaluronic acid based lip filler typically produces effects lasting about four to six months, though effects vary with each user.

Do lip fillers have side effects?

If there are any complications at all, the most common is minor irritation around the filler injection site, and this localized inflammation usually fades within a day of treatment. Many lip filler patients receive a treatment and immediately return to their normal routine.