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Not all hair loss is created equally, and not all hair restoration procedures adequately address hair loss. Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily and Dr. Robert Ruder, of The Beverly Hills Advanced Facial Surgery Institute in Beverly Hills, California, perform a procedure called forehead reduction that uses surgical and hair transplantation procedures to change the way your hairline frames your face. Contact the office today by phone or online to see if you’re a candidate for forehead reduction.

Forehead Reduction Q & A

The Beverly Hills Advanced Facial Surgery Institute

What is forehead reduction?

Forehead reduction procedures, also called hairline lowering, reduce the size of your forehead by stretching skin on the scalp that has healthy, growing hair, bringing it forward, while simultaneously removing a section of skin without hair. The cumulative effect is a lower hairline with less distance between eyes and hair. This surgical movement may be accompanied by transplants to augment and fill out certain areas, such as at the temples

These augmentations use the same techniques as hair transplants to harvest and relocate follicles. However, the usual forehead reduction patient has no hair loss, and transplanting is done to change the shape and extent of the patient’s existing hairline in conjunction with the stretching of existing healthy scalp. Forehead reduction procedures may also be combined with brow lifts in some cases.  

Does the stretching in forehead reductions cause thinning of existing hair?

It does, but it’s on a microscopic scale, and the thinning is not visibly noticeable. Stretching is limited to about 10 to 20% of the existing amount of hair-growing scalp, so thinning is also limited to a reduction of 10 to 20%, and if your hair growth is typical, this is not a noticeable difference. To compare, successful hair transplants rarely achieve a similar density of hair follicles.

Can my forehead be narrowed through forehead reduction techniques?

Yes. As well as bringing your hairline down toward your eyes, hair transplant procedures can bring the hairline in at the temples to narrow your face as well as lower your forehead. Due to the direction of hair growth that’s typical in the temple regions, transplants may be preferable to scalp stretching.

Do visible scars result from the forehead lowering surgery?

While scars are a necessary complication of surgical incisions, your natural hair growth masks these, so without searching through your hair for presence of these scars, they aren’t noticeable. In the unlikely event that a visible scar forms, hair grafts done at a later date can usually mask the scar.

Are there complications to forehead lowering procedures?

If any side effect arises due to the surgery, it most often takes the effect of temporary numbness near the incision line. This typically resolves itself within a year of the procedure, and it may be accompanied by itchy sensations as the nerves heal.