What Is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Both female and male patients can have the desire to have a face that has a more feminine appearance. Sometimes, female patients feel that the natural features of their face are too masculine or do not accentuate their femininity. Many male patients are not satisfied with their natural masculine appearance and find that more feminine characteristics satisfy their aesthetic needs.

Facial feminization surgery refers to a category of procedures designed to soften certain features of the face and accentuate others, creating a more feminine appearance. This can include forehead contouring, thyroid reduction, rhinoplasty, cheek and chin augmentation, jaw contouring, facial rejuvenation, and fat grafting. Your desired results will determine which procedures will be performed.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeff Jumaily for your facial feminization surgery. Dr. Jumaily will provide you with compassionate care and beautiful results.

Dr. Jeff Jumaily

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